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The transfer of Caedmon.org.uk to a new provider is now complete.
The video section is unavailable, as this is being revamped,
and new content is being added during the next couple of months.
Thanks in advance to those people who have sent images to be used here.
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External Links
Links for related subjects you may find interesting
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This site contains a Forum for the Solent Scene, which contains a lot of information about Solent Ferry operations past and present. The main site is based around Brittany Ferries.
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For your shipping merchandising needs.
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Ship recyclers, who dealt with all 3 C-class vessels, as well as Our Lady Pamela and Southsea (some years before). They were very helpful and patient with enthusiasts, including providing access to the vessels and selling whatever parts of the ships enthusiasts wanted.
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Wightlink still run all 3 routes with newer tonnage. Their corporate website allows booking on all services, together with information about the current ships and services.